Our Writing Workshops and Events

Trip to Quiapo

An on-going series of workshops that six fellows from the UK have been joining since November 2021.

A Poetry Writing Masterclass

With 10 poetry fellows, Romalyn Ante discusses her poetics followed by a workshop with pre-selected poems.

Writing Rizal in London

Ambeth Ocampo works with 15 fellows on creative non-fiction writing and how to write history for a general audience.​

Writing the Philippine Object

A five-day workshop on writing culturally informed prose for cataloguing Philippine material culture.​

History and Fiction through the gaps: Why Point of View Matters

Gina Apostol discusses the place of history in writing post-colonial fiction followed by a writing workshop.

Book Launch for America is Not the Heart

Reading and book talk followed by a conversation on SEAN fiction in the UK with writers and publishers.